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Try a new way to sink it. Swivits have a built in snap or barrel swivel. Smooth hydrodynamic, corrosion resistant and durable structure. Formed from crushed stone and hydraulic cement (additional colors upon request) makes them eco-friendly and porous to absorb fish attractants if desired. Available in Four Shapes:


Drift: Sphere shaped, feel the bite of the fish not the snags of bottom structure. Allows Anglers to cover more ground with-out snags and Tangles. Available in 1oz. 2oz. 3oz. 4oz. 5oz. 6oz. 8oz. 10oz. 12oz.

Deep Drop

Deep Drop: Bullet shaped with ribs, descends to its target, and holds its ground. Extra- large snap swivel for easy rig attachments. Available in 4oz. 6oz. 8oz. 12oz. 16oz. 32oz. 48oz. 80oz.

Surf Casting

Surf Casting: Aerodynamic for further casts and wings will embed in any bottom keeping your bait in place. Available in 2oz. 3oz. 4oz. 6 oz.

Surf Casting

Egg Sinkers: Round and hydrodynamic. Designed with a non-abrasive built in sleeve for free sliding fish finding action. Available from 1/2 oz. to 6 oz.

Surf Casting

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