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Happy Customer:

I was out this past weekend using Swivits weights. They worked great. I used 2oz and 3oz ball versions. I was using chunks, clams, squid while fishing with my kids and nephew. We caught dogfish, which the kids we thrilled with! Being a shark in all, they were doing cartwheels!

The Swivits worked great. I love the built in swivels on the weights. That made for easy connections with whatever method we used. Whether 3 waying, fishfinder rigs, or dropper loops. The swivits performed excellently. No hang ups, they held bottom, they were perfect! Not having the kids deal with the lead is certainly a major benefit! Thank you. I am a fan of Swivits.

Michael Fantigrossi
Advertising Sales Manager
The Fisherman Long Island Edition

I really do like them. I found that they do not get snagged on the bottom as much as a standard lead bank sinker. However, I do find that because of their larger profile, in a strong current, a heavier swivits is required as opposed to a lead sinker to offset the drag in the water. I use them fishing for blackfish from shore and some days I lose a rig every cast, but once I switched to swivits I probably lose about 25% of the rigs i was losing with a lead sinker. Overall a great product!

Kevin Brignole
PBR Fishing Tournament

I was surprised to find out in NYS that all lead sinkers are banned from the takes upstate by the DEP so the Swivits came in exceptionally handy the first time I was made aware of the issue. Again they worked well, I have to say I am very satisfied with the purchase and will continue in the future I can't say that I have seen them in any tackle shop live been in so far but 1 imagine that will change but I at least know I can get them direct from you. Thanks again

John Gangi

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